Albgaz JSC is a joint stock company with 100% of shares owned by the Albanian state. The headquarter of the company is located in the city of Tirana, the company also has a representative office in the city of Fier.

The company Albgaz JSC will function as a combined operator performing the activity of the transmission system operator and the operator of the natural gas distribution system in the Republic of Albania.

With VKM NO, 848, date, 07.12.2016  it is envisaged the obligation that natural gas production and trading activities will be separate from the activities of transport and distribution of natural gas, but also the obligation to determine the public authority representing the state as Owner of shares of companies operating in the field of natural gas, respectively for the company “ALBPETROL” JSC will be MEI and for the company “ALBGAZ” JSC.will be MZHETTS.

Local gas pipeline network

The pipeline network is distributed throughout the western part of Albania and ends in ORC in Ballsh. The gas network infrastructure in Albania has a greater extent than the oil infrastructure. Gas fields stretch from Durres to Delvin, thus creating an opportunity for consumers to connect to the network. Limited local gas infrastructure in some countries is out of the operational state and major rehabilitation work is needed. Albgaz Sh.a. It administers about 500 km of gas pipeline built 40 years ago, with technology already outdated, where corrosion protection measures are minimal.

For 2017 the length of the pipelines is expected to be five-fold to achieve the objectives of the various projects as a result of agreements for the creation of a complete network.